What are Fusion Hair Extensions?

The strand-by-strand fusion 100 % Human hair extension method uses keratin for the bonds. The attachment is made close to the root of your own hair and is virtually invisible. Gives natural, long-lasting, free-flowing results! Extension textures available Straight Textures, Body wave, Deep Wave,& French Refined.

Last four to six months with proper home maintenance & six week appointments.

What are the benefits of fusion extensions?

Aside from making hair longer, fuller or both, a bad haircut can be remedied instantly. Middle stages of growing out can be avoided. If you’re always trying to get more fullness, washing every day to get volume – you can put an end to this and not have continual styling stress on the hair. Some believe extensions are high maintenance, but in reality they can actually save a lot of people time otherwise spent styling/maintenance.

We see a lot of people who are “growing layers out” and don’t want the top layers cut. But this is always the driest part of the hair.

  • One of the great things about extensions is – the top layers of your hair that you’re currently using for length can be cut to be used as volume on top and face framing, and the extensions will add the length and more fullness.
  • If you’re getting married or have a special event there are exciting options available to make a more dramatic effect.
  • Many clients say their hair looks and feels better after extensions. Most extension clients actually give their hair a break by not having to style and process it as much.